cPanel Lifecycle (EOL)


Below you can find the life cycle for each version of application cPanel, like cPanel 11.62, including release dates and end of life (EOL) dates.

cPanel is founded by J. Nick Koston in 1997. cPanel is a web-based control panel that makes site management a piece of cake. Empower your customers and offer them the ability to administer every facet of their website using simple, point-and-click software.

Product website:

cPanel, Inc.

cPanel, Inc. is a public owned corporation headquartered in Houston, Texas. The software was originally designed as the control panel for Speed Hosting, a now-defunct web hosting company.

Facts for cPanel

Written in
Initial release
Sept 1996

All releases

Release Release date End of life
cPanel 11.62February 1, 2017March 31, 2018
cPanel 11.60October 1, 2016October, 2017
cPanel 11.58June 1, 2016July, 2017
cPanel 11.56April 1, 2016October, 2017
cPanel 11.54January 1, 2016January, 2017