Silex Lifecycle (EOL)


Below you can find the life cycle for each version of programming language Silex, like Silex 2.2, including release dates and end of life (EOL) dates.

Silex is a PHP micro-framework based on the Symfony Components. The general purpose of Silex is to be as lightweight as needed with the possibility to extend the Silex base with new features. Silex is mostly used for the creation for REST APIs but it is possible to extend into a full blown MVC framework.

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Fabien Potencier
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All releases

Release Release date End of life
Silex 2.2July 23, 2017July, 2018
Silex 2.1May 3, 2017July, 2017
Silex 2.0May 18, 2016May, 2017
Silex 1.3June 5, 2015May, 2016
Silex 1.2March 29, 2014June, 2015
Silex 1.1October 11, 2013March, 2014
Silex 1.0May 3, 2013October, 2013