Symfony Lifecycle (EOL)


Below you can find the life cycle for each version of programming language Symfony, like Symfony 6.0, including release dates and end of life (EOL) dates.

Symfony is a PHP framework. It's a set of reusable PHP libraries and components. Symfony aimed to build robust applications in an enterprise environment. The sponsor of Symfony is a French company called SensioLabs. The releases of the symfony versions is a time-based model. Each 6 months there is a new version of Symfony. By default a standard version of Symfony is maintained for eight months. There is also a LTS (Long Term Support) version. A LTS version is supported for three years.

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SensioLabs is a developer provider in French. It sponsored Symfony. Before SensioLabs the company name was Sensio Framework.

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Facts for Symfony

Doctrine or Propel
template engine

Current releases

Release Release date End of lifeSecurity fixes only
Symfony 5.4 (LTS)November, 2021November, 2024November, 2025

All releases

Release Release date End of lifeSecurity fixes only
Symfony 6.0November, 2021July, 2022
Symfony 5.4 (LTS)November, 2021November, 2024November, 2025
Symfony 5.3May, 2021January, 2022
Symfony 5.2November, 2020July, 2021
Symfony 5.1May, 2020January, 2021
Symfony 5.0November, 2019July, 2020
Symfony 4.4 (LTS)November, 2019November, 2022November, 2023
Symfony 4.3May, 2019January, 2020July, 2020
Symfony 4.2November, 2018July, 2019January, 2020
Symfony 4.1May, 2018January, 2019July, 2019
Symfony 4.0November, 2017July, 2018January, 2019
Symfony 3.4 (LTS)November, 2017November, 2020November, 2021
Symfony 3.3June, 2017January, 2018July, 2018
Symfony 3.2November, 2016July, 2017January, 2018
Symfony 3.1May, 2016January, 2017July, 2017
Symfony 3.0November, 2015June, 2016January, 2017
Symfony 2.8 (LTS)November, 2015November, 2018November, 2019
Symfony 2.7 (LTS)May, 2015May, 2019May, 2019
Symfony 2.6November, 2014June, 2015January, 2016
Symfony 2.5May, 2014January, 2015July, 2015
Symfony 2.4November, 2013June, 2014January, 2015
Symfony 2.3 (LTS)June, 2013May, 2016May, 2017
Symfony 2.2March, 2013November, 2013May, 2014
Symfony 2.1November, 2012June, 2013November, 2013
Symfony 2.0July, 2011March, 2013November, 2013
Symfony 1.3November, 2009November, 2010
Symfony 1.4 (LTS)November, 2009November, 2012
Symfony 1.2December, 2008November, 2009
Symfony 1.1June, 2008June, 2008
Symfony 1.0January, 2007January, 2010